Best Lesbian Sex Positions


Best Lesbian Sex Positions

Lesbian sex is pleasurable and very comfortable. According to las vegas independant escorts, lesbian sex is unique, sexy, beautiful and very liberating for women.

Lesbian sex according to escorts is much more comfortable because women know what women want and how to give her the best pleasure of her life. Whether it is your first time or you have sex regularly with your female partner, using some specific sex positions can make your sex better.

There are some best lesbian sex positions that all Escort professionals recommend to have great sex full of pleasure and enjoyment and to get your best orgasm and sexy foreplay. These are:-

  • Doggy style with strap:- if you like penetration then independent escorts vegas recommend doggy style sex position with strap. This sex position will provide you deep penetration and gives you a proper orgasm through g-spot and clitoris massage.
  • Reclining:- According to escorts, reclining position is good for giving vaginal and breast action together. In this position, one partner lies down in a recliner position whereas other partners sit in between her legs and by either using toys or hand she can give proper vaginal penetration and ample breast action to her partner.
  • Sitting:- Sitting sex position is best recommended by las vegas escorts independent as it gives you and your partner a comfortable resting position to enjoy sex without any stretch or special angle.
  • Scissors crossed:-escort recommended scissors crossed position works best for clitoris stimulation. In this position, you and your partner get in a tangled scissor position and you or your partner grind their vagina on your s and you both get a pleasurable sexual experience.

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